We are an association to make the voices heard of all those Londoners whose jobs and ways of living depend on the UK remaining part of the EU Single Market.  

London voted to stay in the EU.


·       Help to shape the post-Brexit debate;

·       Provide a reliable source of correct and factual information in this debate;

·       Get the voice of ordinary Londoners heard;

·       Hold politicians accountable;

·       Help people across the UK understand that harming London is also not in their interest;

·       Work public opinion through practical examples rather than through political hyperbole;

·       Bring like-minded people together through events and working groups;

·       Deliver academic input through a think-thank;

·       Demonstrate how the EU Single Market has benefited London; and

·       Formulate ideas for how to bridge differences between London and anti-EU regions in the UK.

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Membership is free and privacy is ensured.  Membership data are not shared with any third parties.  It is perfectly fine if you only wish to be a passive member; ever member helps us to have a stronger voice. Although the association is based in London, which voted to remain in the EU and which will suffer more than any other part of the UK in case of Brexit, every UK and EU citizen is welcome to become a member.  Indeed, one of the challenges is to overcome division and to build bridges.

London reaching out

The challenges resulting from Brexit are different for London than for the rest of the UK.  London is an international business centre and hence much more dependent on the single market and the EU trading treaties around the world.  A post-Brexit trade-deal with Europe may only cover industrial and agricultural products.  This would not help London as its services businesses depend on EU passporting which would be lost.


London’s success is important for all of the UK.  London provided an estimated net contribution of £34bn to UK public finances in 2013/14, which is about 4 times the UK’s annual net contribution to the EU budget.  London as a leading global hub leverages businesses all around the UK by bringing them together with investors and subcontracting to them.


Yet it is important to appreciate why people in other parts of the UK have voted for Brexit.  A London versus England debate would only add to the division, which is not what we need now.  Our association should promote cohesiveness and openness, which includes finding ways to get other parts of the UK to benefit more from London’s strengths. 

Not another business lobby group

Our association is all about "we the people", those whose livelihoods depend on remaining part of the world's largest single market, those who celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of London, those who came here to settle from all over the world, those who want London to remain an outward looking city, those who want London to continue to thrive without politicians handicapping it.

Everything is still to play for

Whilst it is clear from the referendum what the people have voted against, it is not at all clear what they have voted for.  It is also not clear what the 27 members of the EU are willing to offer, their patience is understandably running thin and they also do not want to set a precedent that encourages other EU members to leave.  


The solution advanced by an increasing number of Leave campaign leaders, to join the European Economic Area ("EEA"), is not obvious.  Firstly, it means a loss of UK sovereignty, as the UK will still be subject to most EU regulation and legislation but will no longer have a say in establishing these rules and laws.  Secondly, EEA membership requires free movement of labour, hence it is hard to see it would materially change current migration trends.  Thirdly, it still comes with a contribution to Brussels, so there may be very little left for the NHS (if this ever was a genuine objective).  More sovereignty going to Brussels, the same immigration situation, and continued budgetary contribution to Brussels is not exactly what the Brexiteers voted for.  And it is even not clear the other EU member states would be willing to offer it - and any new trade arrangement such as EEA membership requires unanimous approval by all 27 EU members.  Therefore, this will be a long battle and it is important we have a say in the debate. 

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